Work Smarter Not Harder

If you have no motivation to work hard then it is unlikely that you will.

Most people want to diet. Most fail.

There is little evidence that those who succeed are much better off for it.

Most people want to be fitter than they are. Most fail. 
Just staying reasonably healthy and taking care of yourself is good enough. 
There is little evidence that those who have to be motivated to stay fit can keep it up for long.

Most people want to be better educated than they are. Most fail.
There is little evidence that being educated beyond what is needed for your work and vocational interests has any benefits.

Most people want to be more attractive than they are. Most fail.
There is little evidence to suggest that being more attractive offers more benefits than being more reliable, honest, generous, trustworthy, kind, or have any of the attributes that we value in others, and are the basis of good relationships.

Most people want to be more famous than they are. Most fail.
There is little evidence that fame in itself promotes a better lifestyle unless the lifestyle is itself dependent on fame. In which case it is a very fragile lifestyle to sustain.

Most people want to be richer than they are. Most fail.
There is a tendency to spend extra money in compensating for the effort and demands required for making extra money if you have to earn it. If the money comes without working then fine, but winners of lotteries are notorious for regreting it.

Unless you have a passion, a dream, a goal, an inspiration, a desire, or a purpose to reach, then working hard (beyond what you would do in a normal course of events) is a waste of time.

The worst thing you can do in life by far is
waste time.

Divide your time into two sections

  1. Committed time
  2. Disposable time
Committed time includes
  • Your work
  • Your travelling time
  • Your study time
  • Your duties, obligations, routines, and upkeep of belongings

Disposable time includes

  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Social events
  • Relaxing
  • Hobbies
  • Any time where you can 
    Choose to do something or not do it
    Choose to do it now or later
    Choose to do it or get someone else to do it

Analyse your Committed time Work

  • Can you spend less time to earn the same money?
  • Can you earn more money for the same time?
  • Can you get more than money from your work?
  • Can you organise your work to do it with less effort?
  • Can you use your work to gain benefits beyond your workplace?
  • Can you use the contacts you make at work beneficial outside?
  • Can you extend your work experience into your spare time?

Look at your work as a place to earn, a place to learn, a place to  socialise, a place to test yourself, a place to explore ideas, a place to identify with, a place to develop your personality.

Committed time Travel

  • Can you make your travel time shorter?
  • Can you make it cheaper?
  • Can you make it more pleasant?
  • Can you make it useful?
  • Can you incorporate other things into your travelling?

Committed time Study

  • What is the least you need study to achieve your purpose?
  • What is the fastest way to learn what you need?
  • What are the best aids available to you?
  • What are your main costs in equipment and materials for study?
  • Can you reduce the study costs?
  • How soon can you apply what you have learnt?
  • What are the main benefits of your studies?
  • Are the benefits ongoing or do you stop studying?

Committed time Duties, Routines, etc.

  • Shopping, cleaning, repairing, upgrading, and all the tasks that need be done to keep your life in a running order.
  • They fall into two categories of
    Urgent (must be dealt with quickly)
    Important (must be dealt with properly)
  • These are divided into:
    What you can do yourself
    What you can get someone else to do
  • You can also see if any of these tasks can be eliminated, shortened, done more quickly or cheaply, or done temporarily.

In all, you should not be looking for ways to motivate yourself to work harder, but looking for ways to work less (or Smarter, as they say)


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