Michael Collins

Michael Collins was a member of the Apollo 11 moonshot, you know, where they walked on the Moon for the first time.  The Apollo 11 spacecraft consisted of the Eagle lander, and the Columbia orbiter.  Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were assigned to Eagle, which deployed from Columbia and landed, Armstrong and Aldrin did their moonwalk thing, I'm sure you've heard of it.  Collins, however, had the real butt-end of the deal, because he had to stay all alone in Columbia, which never left orbit.  238,900 miles of spaceflight, and he didn't even get to touch the Moon.  

He did, however, get take this awesome picture while Eagle was returning to Columbia after mankind's first visit to another celestial body.  Now, we all know that everything is made of atoms, including us.  And we know that the majority of the atoms never leave Earth, at least not the atoms down at our level on the biosphere.  Therefore, all people ever, including people dead and yet unborn, are contained within this picture, except for Michael Collins.  Uug the Caveman, Jesus Christ, you, Anne Frank, Morgan Freeman, Jeremy Clarkson, the Russian homeless dude you saw in that Fail-GIF the other day, they're all there.  I was yet unborn when this picture was taken, but the atoms that later became me were still floating around on that blue ball, in the chicken my mother ate while pregnant with me and in the Coke I drank last week.  Everyone except the photographer.  That's just darn cool.


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