About Us

Historie World Class is blog that reflects those values:

Home — Placing an importance on relationships, equality and oneness
Recreation — Fun and Personal development: to find/honor individuality, purpose, creativity
Business — Quality over Quantity, Community, Responsibility and Sustainability
Health — Healthy living, Mind-body connection, Alternative/Holistic healing, New Technology
Inspiration — Openness to new ideas, foreign countries, a passion for life


  • To build a community of people enthused by positive news, eager to participate with each other, and dedicated to the enrichment and inspiration of all.

  • To create a shift in the public’s paradigm of what news IS. (It should fairly reflect society today and humanely serve the society of tomorrow. We want to spark that transformation.)

  • To create a revenue-generating model for good news programming that can be franchised around the world if overseas companies are interested.


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